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Who we are

Our main goal is to develop algorithms for generating synthetic holograms of a 3D scene. We consider this as a next step in computer graphics. We belong to Centre of Computer Graphics and Visualization at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia.

We (computer graphics group) started with holography due to EU project 3DTV: The True Vision. Holographic research was then supported by the national project MŠMT LC-06008.

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Our results

We have developed and implemented many advanced algorithms for making computer generated holograms. An old (2008) and stable version is available here. Ask us for newer versions.

Check also CGDH Tools for educational scripts showing basic algorithms of computer generated display holography.

Trying to learn computer generated display holography?

Visit the page dedicated to basics and try the sample scripts! Also check "Talks, courses, etc." below, especially the section "Educational talks, tutorials."


Talks, courses, etc.

Many popular or technical talks about holography, computer generated holography and 3D technologies were given at various places (universities, shows, exhibitions etc.) The talks were given in English or in Czech. As many talks were quite similar to each other, just a selection of the slides is given here. If you are interested in materials for a specific talk, contact us.

Technical talks

Educational talks, tutorials

Popular talks


Technical reports

This is a list of technical reports concerning (digital) holography published by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

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